Understand the membership levels

Unlike many other DAOs, Superteam is a merit-focused community. There is no token you can buy to gain access. Instead, we require all participants in our community to work their way in. Below you’ll find details on the various tiers within our community and how you can get involved.

Lurkers [Level 1]

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our community as a Lurker. We particularly welcome those who are crypto-curious and want to better understand the wild world of Web3. As a Lurker, you’ll be a part of our Discord server and get access to a few discussion channels, including the #start-here-learner, #patika-talk, #earn, and #proof-of-work channels.

Benefits of Becoming a Superteam Lurker:

  • Limited Access to Discord
  • Gain XP
  • First to See New Earning Opportunities

How to Become a Lurker:

Join our Discord

Members [Level 2]

Members are the heart and soul of Superteam. They are the best of the best, distinguished by their proven ability to help other projects. With respect to Dunbar’s Number, we purposefully maintain a limited amount of spots (~150) for Members. Inactive Members are regularly churned in order to make space for new Members. As a Member, you gain full access to the community, capital, and distribution of the Superteam.

Benefits of Becoming a Superteam Member:

  • Full Discord Access
  • Participate in the Superteam Community Calls
  • IRL and Online Events (like the Solana Hacker Houses)
  • Ability to Invite New Contributors [Level 2]
  • Access to Exclusive Earning Opportunities, including Community Advisory Boards
  • Distribution through Superteam Twitter accounts
  • Inclusion in the Superteam Newsletter (~2,000 subscribers)
  • Listing in Our Project Showcase

How to Become a Member: